Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Beijing (again)

So after a whistle stop tour of Shijiazhuang which included dining at a fine restuarant and getting mightily drunk for free in Mazzo Club Clare and I moved on to Beijing, which will be both of our last stops in China.

Unfortunately Clare has been a little ill whilst we have been here- probably something to do with the "fine restuarant" we went to the other night in my city or the amount of vodka she drank in Mazzo. I'm tended to go with some sort of tummy upset from the food though as I'm sure that not even Girl hangovers can last two days.

Because of Clare being ill we have postponed the trip to the wall until tomorrow. Today we looked around Tian Amen Square for a while and then had the worlds quickest visit to the Forbidden City- Clare felt really ill within about 5 minutes so I brough her back to the hostel to sleep.

Tonight If she feels better then we will go to The Beijing Opera which is something I've wanted to go and see a few times when i've been in Beijing and hopefully tomorrow she will be well enough to go trekking on the wall-but we shall see.

All my other Friends are here at the moment. Dave has returned to China for some reason and brought Chris (my replacement), Meredith,Hilary,Becky,Brock,Wallace, Renea,Kavitha and Zack is coming tomorrow. So if Clare is well enough on the last night we will be able to go out and have a few farewell drinks.

Lets Keep our Fingers Crossed!

UPDATE: Unfortuantely Clare never really recovered from her illness until late on on Wednesday. We got up all ready to go to the Wall and even got dressed but Clare really wasn't well enough, she wanted to go but I didn't think a 4 hour trek would be the right thing for her to do in her state. The wall will be there for another time.

The last night in China Clare and I went for Beijing Duck in a restuarant quite near to the hostel. The duck was lovely and you had absolutely loads of it- we had a medium (i think) duck between the two of us and seeing as Clare was still ill it meant that I got to have most of it to myself! Yum Yum Yum. Afterwards we met up with the others who had gone to one of the restuarants that we often go to and then went back to the bar for a few drinks. They went out to Browns for a big night out but Clare and I needed to get up early for the flight the next day so we called it an early night. In the morning we got up and said goodbye to everyone one last time - except for dave and Chris who had already left for the Shiz- and then made our way to the airport to fly home.

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