Thursday, March 08, 2007

Back to Normality..

So i've been home nearly a week now and am just about settelled back in. The jet lagg was an absolute killer but think I'm over the worst of it now. It seemed that no matter how late I was going to bed I just couldn't sleep in any later than 6am-2pm Chinese Time.

Being home feels a bit strange and i hope I find something to keep me entertained work wise before I go up to Leeds to start in September as I'm pretty bored at the moment. Just spending your time on the internet and watching TV all day isn't that exciting.

The best thing about being home is definitely a proper bed with soft matress and a readily stocked fridge available at all hours- oh and the local pub and football on a saturday. Its been good to see my friends again but there isn't many people left round here so I'm going to have to make trips to London and Leeds in order to catch up with everyone else. I lost my phone in China but now have a new simcard with the same number so if people can text me with their numbers then I can start organising trips out to see people.

So what have I done so far? Spent the first day back visiting my Grandparents and various other family then on the saturday I went to my first Blackpool game in 6 months and luckily they didn't return to their form pre-China and they managed to earn a 2-2 draw away at Gillingham. I had a nice sunday dinner with family and friends on Sunday (only lamb and not beef though) and during the week I've been trying to organise my bedroom and upload my photos onto flickr to save some disc space. I've applied for a few paralegal positions in the local town-thought I might as well live at home and save some cash rather than moving up to Leeds where it will be expensive. Most of them seem to be looking for permanent workers and I can only offer 5 months but I'm hoping my "vast wealth of legal experience coming from working with a number of law firms both on a local and national scale" will help to get me something. I had an interview today but it was only for the job agency and not the job so I think I got my hair cut without proper reason- BOO! (but at least it stops mum from moaning.)

When I've got a bit more time and had time to properly reflect on the whole experience I'll do some sort of best and worst bits of China. Going to leeds tomorrow to see deftones and then blackpool v brighton on saturday so it might not be until next week.